Origins of Pixel Art

Pixel Art originated from video games years ago. Anyone who grew up in the 90s will remember video games like Pac-man, Space Invaders and Super Mario. Although it is difficult to come across any of these original games, they will always remain classics even in a world mainly dominated by high definition graphics. But to anyone who remembers those days, pixels still have a beauty of their own and are reminiscent of a world that has by now disappeared in the face of major technological advancements.

The term Pixel Art was created in 1982, although the concept saw its origins in 1972. For many years computer games, video games and online games were all designed with pixels until artists embraced it as a style with many game developers releasing games in pixels in modern time as an artistic style. Despite the lack of pixels in today’s technology, these still gain a modicum of success as it distinguishes them from other contemporary games.

Pixel art as a digital art was almost forgotten for a while as people became fascinated with the HD graphics that took over our media. However, nowadays it is being revived, especially as a reaction to 3D graphics.

17 Dec 2019